The Real Reason I Moved…

So, I think you should know the real reason why I moved blogs.


A lot of people knew about my old blog.  Which is fine.  I went through and edited a lot of my humor, and personal stuff.  But what is the point of the blog if you can’t curse when you want to and you have to edit your child’s birth story?  There’s nothing peachy-keen about birthing a baby or being a mom some days.  You just can’t.  CAN’T. sugar coat it all the time.  That being said, I felt like I was only blogging when I was happy.  I found myself writing, and then never publishing my posts because I was too nervous that they would get in the hands of someone who shouldn’t be reading them.  So…. time for a do-over.

My main intention is to write about mom-life.  I like to think I tell it like it is.  Even if that means that most of my non-mom friends are never having babies anymore.  So.  There ya have it.  I’m trying to get more traffic without advertising it on my FB page, because I don’t need to be back where I started.   So- feel free to share me.  I’m pretty much at your mercy.  Until I figure out how to whore my blog out by myself!  🙂


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