I Suck At My Mom Job…

Today was a total mom fail.  On top of my working mom guilt and not getting home until 7:00, I may have been ignoring my child for 5 minutes to play Song Pop (please refrain from judgement).  Bones asked for the iPad, and I told her that we were preparing to play, so she would have to wait.  She got angry, and hit me.  I explained that if she hit again, she would go to time out, and sure enough, she did.  Time out was a scream fest, complete with throwing the time out timer across the room. 


After our two minutes was up, she would not calm down.  I make her explain why she is in time out and apologize to the person.  She wouldn’t do it.  So, I insisted that it was time for bed.  Bones was irate that I wouldn’t allow her to go to bed without one more Caillou (Did I mention that I HATE Caillou?)  After closing the door to her bedroom, she proceeded to throw pictures, throw the humidifier, break her lamp, and turn her nightstand over onto the floor.  Seriously?  I realize she’s almost three, and a big girl now, but she’s THREE.  I’m twenty-eight and I don’t remember ever losing my shit like that.  Just goes to show that kids are hard wired what that personality when they are born. 


So what to do?  I called my sister, duh.  Unfortunately, she never had to deal with psychotic kids.  Her kids would just cry and do what they were told (I hate you Sister.)  I went to Face.book and asked away.  Of course I got the array of comments, but I’m still lost.  I realize I’m not psychologist, but I do know a few things I try to do:

  • Be calm
  • Be consistent
  • Be firm

I was determined not to go back on my consequence.  No Caillou.  She eventually cried herself, to sleep, but I don’t have the energy or the patience to keep doing this… and my budget will not allow me to keep replacing bedroom lamps! 


So friends… any advice for this tired and over-worked mama?


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