Why the stigma?

I’ve been thinking a lot about Mindy McCreary’s suicide in the last couple of days.  Not because I listened to her music, or even because I was a fan.  I’m stuck and frustrated.  Mindy CLEARLY had mental health issues.  In fact, the reason she apparently committed suicide is rumored to be because her father told a court judge she shouldn’t have custody of her own children because she was neglecting them.  Her boyfriend committed suicide just over a month ago.  Let’s face it.  The girl was battling lots of demons.  She struggled with alcoholism, addiction and mental health issues. 

It seems that often people talk about their friends and families who are struggling with weight loss, addiction, and other issues.  People are happy that they have this issues, but they’re not scared to talk about them.  After thinking about this post since Saturday, I wanted to THANK GOD that Jenny, at the Bloggess posted this today.  I don’t personally know Jenny, but I read her blog often enough to think that I do.  She writes a lot, about a lot of topics, and her posts are usually light-hearted.  I appreciate that she chose now to discuss the fact that some people need help.  Help can be described in many ways.  Some need a run, some need to talk, some need to write, some need Xanax.  Who cares?  And who are WE to judge?  Aren’t we all supposed to support each other? 

Certainly moms aren’t perfect.  Some days are MUCH harder than others.  We’ve all been there.  We may not blog about it every day, we may not put those not so proud moments on Facebook, but it happens.  But WHY, oh WHY, can we not just accept the fact that some people struggle more than others?

I feel very lucky that I’ve never needed an anti-depressant, but seriously, I’ve thought about whether or not I needed it sometimes.  I’m surrounded by a close group of girlfriends that do require meds.  And seriously- what do I care?  If it helps them- then so be it.

I hope that this is one more step in the direction about the important discussion we need to have.  We need to talk about mental health.  Let’s discuss the elephant in the room.  Not every mom has her shit together every day, okay?  And if they LOOK like they do- it’s probably all a front. 


At the end of the day.  Do whatever makes you work better.  Do whatever makes you feel better.  Do whatever makes YOU better.  And by all means- PLEASE don’t judge.


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