I’ve had a case of the Mondays. In every way possible.

My kids did not want to get out of bed to go to the babysitter when I woke them up this morning. They begged and pleaded for one more day home with me. I felt awful.

I tested my kids at school to death another time. I felt awful.

I picked my kids up from said babysitter and came home to prepare dinner. A dinner no one liked. I felt awful.

The crying began. The arguing began. Time out, talking, time out, hitting, time out. I felt awful.

One and a half hours of trying to tough it out, talk it out, threatening her to go to bed. I felt awful.

And then I read this. It doesn’t make me a horrible mom that I had all of those feelings, because honestly, who hasn’t? We all need to Carpe Kairos, because the whole Diem doesn’t always work.

But seriously? This woman lost a stillborn baby after having a baby who has quite frankly the worst medical run ins. This puts it in perspective.

And then I turned on the tv and saw this. My babies are here. And alive. THIS puts it in perspective.

And at the end of today, I’m exhausted, much more mentally than physically, but I’m here. I’m healthy. I’m alive. And I’ll show up to try again tomorrow.

But for now- I’m taking a dose of the best drug ever. Sleep.