Till Death Do Us Part?

In the last two weeks, I’ve heard of three couples my age (between 28-32) that are getting divorced or broke off a long engagement.  This absolutely breaks my heart.  I’m not here to judge- and this post isn’t meant to judge anyone- I’ve never been in this position so I honestly can’t have an opinion on anything they’re going through, and I’ve always said that you don’t know what people’s life is like behind closed closed doors.  Marriages that look all wonderful on the surface may be very different out of the spotlight.

But I still feel bad.  The divorce rate makes every young couple feel like they’re up against impossible odds.  Just last night on a tv show (don’t judge my trash tv habit), the only couple who appear strong and grounded threw the D word at each other.  At what point do we say that it’s not an option?  And if it’s not an option- at what point do we know it’s so bad we have to get out?  It’s such a double-edged sword.

Don’t get me wrong- hubs and I have had our share of nasty arguments and down and out moments- but I’ve never had the feeling that we wouldn’t figure it out together in the long haul.  Sometimes we’ve wholeheartedly disagreed on important topics, but still, we know we can compromise, or accept that one person will get their way.  Life just isn’t always fair.  But what about those relationships that are broken?  It’s probably more emotionally healthy to be apart, but how do you know?  My heart aches for people who have to make this decision.