Another One Of Those Nights…

Tonight is another one of those nights.  Nights where I’m not impressed by my parenting skills.  Nights where I’m tired, hot and not full of patience.  Nights where I’m just Done.  With a capital D. 


My house is trashed- and I can’t find the energy right now to pick up the mess.  So far today I’ve been peed on, hit, screamed and told that I am the worst Mom ever.  Yes honey, I am well aware.  My mind seems more trashed than my house at this point.

I usually teeter somewhere on the verge of happy and crazy most days.  I love my happy/crazy mix, and while it usually overwhelms my husband, I love the chaos of our overstuffed life.  Today, there were no extra commitments or places to go.  And it still flopped.  Just goes to prove that you can’t make this shit up.  Parenting is HARD WORK.


And even though I should be spending the extra quiet time with my husband, as soon as he gets home from work (a nice 13 hour day), I’ll be begging at the door to go for a run.  Because I need to have some quiet time with me first.  I feel like I couldn’t even make a sentence if I tried right now. 


So, I am going leave the mess for tomorrow…. and just keep swimming.