Baby Personalities

I was working wasting time on the computer this morning,  Ya know those precious minutes before ANYONE else in your house is awake?  I should have been using them to clean my house, prepare for the day, or shower, but instead, I sat by the fire, slippers on, enjoying the News and some 

I came across this article that suggested that babies have personality types.  Of course, I was interested.  Because my kids go from high to low at any given minute, I wanted to name their personality type. 

After looking at the six personality types, I think that Bones is the INTENSE one and Skin is the SENSITIVE one.  Although he gets mad, I think he’s more mad because he’s at the age where he can’t tell us what he wants.  He can’t communicate, and his sister overrules a lot of his actions.  Bones has to be intense because her dramatic flair would leave people to believe that she’s dying in the middle of the store.  Offer her a lollipop?  Tears off, smile on in an instant.  I still don’t know why I haven’t enrolled her in acting school yet. 


Cinderella ain’t got nothin on her.