#Winning Mom…

Tonight I feel like a winning mom.  I actually put my children first.  You see, my kids are well-dressed, fed, taken care of, but sometimes, I know that I put other things before them… work, volunteering, my own social schedule.  Ya know, MOM GUILT stuff.  Anyway, today, my munchkins were sick.  Thank Goodness mother in law showed up and saved the day.  Two babies with fevers is not fun.  Off to work I went, knowing that I was getting the better end of that deal.


I had to cancel dinner plans with a friend tonight because GP had hockey, and said children were sick.  Eh, okay.  Cancel plans?  That’s what moms do.  I’m okay with that.  But then it occurred to me.  Mother in law cannot babysit tomorrow.  My mom is sick as well, and my sister is away for the weekend.  GP’s first day of the golf season is tomorrow and he’s slated to work the day by himself.  So, who do you go to when you’ve exhausted all of your options?  Yes.  It’s time to look in the mirror. 

It’s not because I don’t WANT to care for my children.  I do.  I feel awful leaving them at home when they are sick.  I feel bad also for the person caring for them.  And my heart wrenches at the fact that sometimes when you’re sick, you just want your Mama.  But taking a sick day when you’re a teacher?  No, no, no.  Taking time off is so. much. work.  Besides, our district is pretty strict about how we use our time.  But ya know what?  I had no other options.  So, sue me.  I need to care for my children.  I care for other people’s children every day- I should only repay the debt to my own family- right?  And quite honestly, all of the germ factories that have been sick at school have probably infected my biological children anyway. 


So- tomorrow, I’ll probably be blogging about my WORKING mom guilt.  And at the same time, I’ll be bitter that I don’t have a job that allows for the imperfections in life such as illness.  But, some of those awesome jobs are reverting back to the Stone Age too.  More on that tomorrow.


Where It All Began…

I’m starting over…  I’m looking to blog more, but I find that I can’t blog as much because several people who actually KNEW me have the address to my other blog.  And unfortunately, because I don’t have any balls, I censor A LOT of what I write.  It’s easier to be unknown.   Anyway… I’ve been married to my husband, GP (a Puerto Rican golf professional), for 4 1/2 years and we have two kids, Bones (almost three year old girl who is the skinniest thing ever), and Skin (little cubba wubba one year old boy).  Life is crazy working full-time, as a teacher, but eh, we manage.  Most days.  Some days, it chaotically sucks.  Some days, it’s absolute wonderful chaos.   I never lack chaos.  I have enough of that for my whole neighborhood.  I often feel compelled to write about things like…. food, my love/hate relationship with food, my kids (okay this may be the topic I write about most) body image, work, and trying to stop and smell the roses (which I often forget to do).   I like to try to think I eat healthy, but I usually suck if I am not surrounded by healthy options, and I do like to work out- if I can find time.  So…. here we go again….